Designer Jewelry Care – Step by Step Guide

designer jewelry care

Designer Jewelry Care

If you’re the proud owner of beautiful pieces of jewelry, it’s likely that you want them to last you as long as possible. Learning how to properly care for your designer jewelry will ensure that it stays beautiful for many years. The following tips will help you to clean, store and wear your jewelry in a way that will keep it maintained and safe at all times.

Make Sure You Clean Your Jewelry Properly and Regularly

designer jewelry care tips

There is no need to buy expensive jewelry cleaner to keep them shiny and new. You can keep your jewelry squeaky clean by soaking them for just a few minutes in warm water and a drop of soap, or even dish detergent. Once they are done soaking, rinse them off and pat them dry with a soft towel. This shouldn’t be a difficult or time-consuming process if you clean your jewelry often.

Don’t fall for old wives tales. Many people will tell you that some of the best ways to keep your jewelry clean is to use toothpaste or other polishing products. These types of products can actually damage your jewelry. They contain abrasive materials in them that allow them to shine surfaces, however they will scratch your jewelry at the same time.

Always Store Your Jewelry in a Safe Place

If you have fine jewelry in your possession, you should invest in a high-quality functional jewelry box that provides proper storage. Gems should be kept separate so that they do not rub against each other causing scratching while being stored. To keep your gems away from the other gems, your jewelry box should have several compartments to put the various pieces in. It should be lined with a soft material that won’t scratch or chip your jewels. You don’t need to buy the most expensive jewelry box for it to be functional. Many of the less expensive boxes work just as well.

Be Careful When Wearing Jewelry

tips of designer jewelry care

While it’s important to let your jewelry shine by wearing it with all of your favorite outfits, it is equally important to understand when you should leave the jewelry at home. For example, if you’re spending the day swimming it is best not to bring your jewelry with you. It may fall off in the water, or you might misplace it after taking it off to swim.

Many people forget to take their jewelry off at night before they go to bed, but this is one of the most common ways to damage your jewels. Your gems may rub against the sheets, or against each other, causing them to become scratched. Once you get in the habit of taking all of your jewelry off before you get in bed, it becomes a routine that you’ll never forget.

After purchasing your jewelry from a popular store such as dazzleusa it is important to follow the above steps to keep your jewelry protected. Jewelry is built to last a long time with proper care and maintenance. These are just some small changes you can make to ensure your favorite pieces stay beautiful for many years to come.

California Winter | My Winter Outfit Secrets!

california winter

Most of my life I lived in California. I had no idea what it meant when people said, “The weather is so beautiful here!” I always just rolled my eyes and said, “Okaaaayy.”

It wasn’t until living in New York where it’s hardly ever “perfect.” The freezing winters the smoldering summers, the hurricanes. When I took my first breath off the airplane, I knew it was perfect here.

That said, I do miss the winter bundling. Not that I ever want to be cold again, but you know the beautiful wool coats, the leather boots, the cashmere sweaters. The hats and gloves. I just loved all that. I just did not love NEEDING to wear it. Anyway, so after a rainy few weeks, the sun came out and while it’s December, it could very well be April or May outside. So I dress up my blazer over my t-shirt with a wool scarf. It’s a nod to winter, even if it is a California winter.

Also.. in other unrelated news. I LOVE HIGH WAISTED JEANS. That’s all I wear now. In fact, yesterday I wore a pair of mid-rise jeans and they damn near felt like they were going to fall off, even though they were also giving me muffin top. High waisted jeans give me a better shape than the most brutal pair of Spanx, and they’re 10 times more comfortable.I got this pair of jeans at Sandro, and my god, worth every penny.