Winter Clothing

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Clothing

Temperatures have very much plummeted of late, at least they certainly have right across the UK. The question is – is your winter clothing wardrobe ready? As the wise old saying, originally from A. Wainwright, goes:

“Theres no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

Which means that well before Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose you need to get togged up in the best winter warmers you can find. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of some of the basics that you will need over the next few weeks and the some of the best places to buy them.

Wrap Up Warm

If you buy nothing else in terms of warm clothing this winter, buy a great coat. There are some superb seasonal offerings all over the high street and online.

So – what is the ideal coat to look for? Allowing for personal taste, there are certain must-haves in a proper coat. It should be well cut, warmly lined, easy to fasten securely and made of a practical material. It should keep out the cold and, a reasonable amount of the wet, and it should, on top of all this, look fabulous!

This year, fake fur collars, dolly black styles and waisted camel wraps are all causing a stir. Better still, there have been a number of great sales on coats from the major retailers. Some of the best can be found at Debenhams, Monsoon and Marks and Spencer.

Leave Your Hat On

Hats can really top off your winter clothing. Whether made of thick wool or felt, they can be an amazing clothing accessory at this time of year. Why? Well, not only do they look good but they also serve a very important function. We lose up to 10% of our body heat through our heads, which is why it is vital to keep our crowns covered during the colder months.

Hats are also handy in helping to protect hair from the harsh, unforgiving elements. Nothing dampens a night out like turning up with your tresses dripping with hail and snow. This season, chunky outsize knits lend a cute charm to winter outfits and of course hats with ear flaps continue to soar in popularity.

When it comes to buying, where do you get that hat? Well for starters try Accessorize and ASOS and go from there.

Hand It Over

Gloves are great: pretty, practical and very warming winter clothing. The hands, like the feet, are physiologically more susceptible to cold, so it makes sense to keep them as warm as possible.

If you are looking out for gloves this year – practical wintry models – then go for lined leather, or woollen. Once again, Accessorize usually offer a comprehensive selection, but for fine leather gloves, take a look at the selection that can be found at Selfridges and, for exceptional, traditional quality, Aspinal of London.

Snug As A Bug

Scarves can get forgotten in the hustle bustle of getting out the door on time, but they really can be a wonderful addition to your winter clothing arsenal. Think about it – what better way is there to keep the drafts well away from your poor neck at the same time as making a very visible fashion statement?

Scarves – meaning in this instance proper, thick, woolly specimens, not pashminas or silk neckerchiefs – can add a lot to an outfit. You can use them to really tie your outfit together by matching them to hat and gloves, or creating a cool colour clash.

Moreover, as they don’t need to ‘fit’ any part of you and are typically hard-wearing, they tend to last and last (unless you lose them), so when looking to buy, think not so much clothing outlay as a sound investment for all your future winters!

With this in mind, why not dress up a high street coat with an incredible designer scarf. Two perennial catwalk favourites include Paul Smith and Armani.

Made For Walking

Boots – what better way to keep feet, ankles and calves both warm and stylishly chic? Knee-high boots have to be favourite for dress and indeed jeans – lovers. Made of leather they are waterproof, warm and they look absolutely fantastic.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to knee-highs. Ankle boots make cute additions to stylish winter clothing and look superb with flared-and-flirty long skirts.

One of the best online retailers, surely, ever when it comes to boots that really fit – all sizes, whether your calves and feet are larger than normal, smaller than normal or average – has to be Ted & Muffy (formerly Duo Boots). Take a good look around their website; they often have special offers and sales too – get ready to love those long winter walks even more than ever before!

More Winter Clothing Treats…

Ear Muffs

Not just for kids, these can be a really fun addition to any outfit. Go all out with bright colours and luxe textures – fake fur are super-cute and they always turn heads.

Super-thick Socks

If you are planning to get all outdoorsy at any point his winter, then you need to make sure that your feet are properly attired with some good, warm socks. You don’t need to stick to boring black either – make your socks an appealing or witty feature as they peek over the top of your walking boots! Why not?

Furry Gilet

For hipsters and those who would like to look cool as they stay warm, yesterday’s winder waistcoat is today’s fur gilet. There are lots out there at the moment, most in glossy fake fur in such enticing colours as teal and petrol blue. If you are not sure they are quite your bag, it might still be worth giving them a try as they can add oodles of style and warmth to an outfit and make a great alternative to a big winter coat on those cold, crisp, bright days.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better excuse to shop that the changing of the seasons. As autumn segues into a chill winter treat yourself to the latest version of these timeless classics and you will stay all toasty as crumpets all through the festive season.

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