Best Tanning Bed Lotions

Best Tanning Bed Lotions in 2018 and Tips

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion—What is the best lotion for tanning in 2018? Best tanning bed lotions? It’s different for everyone, as are the beds, but I’m here to help you figure it out. Some brands like Designer Skin give some people a deep, dark tan, while it does nothing at all for others. Some for fair skin; some for dark. It’s a bit of trial and error. There are alot of new tanning lotions being released in 2014 and I’ll do my very best to narrow them down and find the one that’s just right for you.

Below you’ll find the top lotions and bronzers from each major brand for this year below based on ratings, reviews and lots of personal experience, (I’m a frequent tanning salon visitor starting in the late winter, as is my daughter) along with some products that are ‘best kept secrets’ and affordable picks. (those products that work best but you rarely hear about)–Plus some of my best tips, my favorite overall lotion picks (no matter what year they were released) and I’ll keep adding too and updating as anything new hot lotion comes out and I’ve given it a try. You’ll have the best tan you’ve ever had and always wanted!

If you’re a tanner, you know as well as I do, each year brings us brand new products to try so I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop every year!

Best Tanning Lotion Reviews 2018 and Tips

My Favorite Non Tingle Lotion–AMAZING Heads up, my fellow tanners—I’ve been using the Ed Hardy Black Elixir for the past two weeks, (Seen above) both in the tanning bed and outside and it has become my absolute best lotion–I’ve tried just about every lotion there is, but none–seriously, none has produced faster results than this one.

Before I start with my best tanning tips, I want to let you know how I know about these lotions. I’m lucky enough to have a sister that owns a tanning salon. She gets tons of samples each season and I get to try the ones I want for free. I suggest if you aren’t sure or are trying to decide between a couple of new lotions, that you try the samples first. You can find many of them on Amazon and ebay at good prices and it’s much cheaper than buying two bottles!–They can be hard to find though–check them out here: See Tanning Samples or check them out below on ebay–it’s a great place to get the samples for cheap!

Now, on to the tips: There’s a few things I’ve learned along the way to get a really great tan and keep it. One–never shower right after tanning. Give your skin at least a few hours before heading straight to the water. Two–use at least two different tanning lotions (once you get a good base tan) and alternate them every couple of days. For example, I use two completely different brands. (One from DS and one from Ed Hardy–right now I’m mixing Bombshell with Black Elixir and it’s working great) It makes a difference. Three–turn around the opposite way in the tanning bed by putting your feet where your head normally goes and your head where your feet would normally be. I’m not honestly sure why this works for me, but it does. I do it at least once a week. If I go to the tanning bed three times in one week—I’ll lay the normal way twice and the opposite way once. Fourth tip–always put on a good tan extender lotion after tanning. Not just any lotion, but one specific for after tan care. You can wait until you get back home, but try to do it as soon as possible. If you get the right lotion—it will extend your tan. The best tanning extender lotions for me and most of the women at the tanning salon here—Hemp Nation Moisturizer. My fifth and final tip–do not lay in the tanning bed every single day. Let your skin breathe and rest! Tanning too much dries your skin out and you’ll have a good, but not so great skin!

Best New Designer Skin Tanning Lotions

New tanning bed lotions from Designer Skin for 2018—are already getting rave reviews and hitting the top spots on the list. 2017 Glam Slam Tanning Lotion is already selling out and getting great reviews. See other early new releases below..I’ll keep this updated as they are released.
This brand has been my favorite and worked the very best for me now for at least three years. See my tips above for how to use two lotions. My all time favorite Designer Skin lotion and the one that truly works is Bombshell—it does have a tingle factor though! Best ever.

So with all the new releases, which Designer Skin lotions are the best? The top five from Designer Six are featured below. Topping the list is “Black” –it’s a favorite for me and for almost everyone that comes to the tanning salon. If you try to purchase this lotion in the salon though? You will pay way too much. Get it on Amazon for a much cheaper price! (Seen below)

Next up is Designer Skin Luminary—silky lotion that really does a great job bring the dark on. Love the way it tightens and smooths the skin. Two other of the best picks are Obsidian and Spellbound. (all listed below)

So far (early in the year) –Glam Slam is taking the top spot and getting great reviews for this year’s best pick. (pink bottle below) The Designer Skin products always do well and are a favorite overall among users (see the poll from readers below)–it’s just a matter of personal taste as to which kind will work well for your skin and of course, which smell you are drawn too, as well. Little things make a difference. You can use these lotions outside, but please remember they do not have any sunscreen in them. Make sure you have a very strong and established base tan before using them outside.

Choosing the right tanning bed lotion can be a challenge…the lotions featured here are the best of the best. You can find the full list of new products from all major brands below. Featured favorite lotions that work this year from each brand are highlighted in their own spotlight sections. The Designer Skin tanning lotions are one of the first to run out of stock—but they get re-stocked pretty quickly! There’s a reason you see everyone carrying the cool Designer Skin bottles into the tanning beds–they work!

Best Tip for Eyes: Eye Winks

Eyewear for Tanning

I can’t stand the raccoon eye effect when you use the colorful little shades they provide you at the salon. To avoid that, I use these little tiny disposable eye protecters called wink ease. They protect your eyes while not giving you the raccoon eye look. These are my absolute favorite eye protectors. Easy to use, disposable and affordable–much cheaper online than at the salon.

Have a favorite tanning lotion? Which brand works best for you? Share 😉

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