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To Tone or Not to Tone… That is the Question!

No crazy, I’m not talking about working out and getting tone, I’m talking about that one thing most guys don’t use… Toner! As one of the most important steps in the grooming regimen, using a light toner everyday can and will help rid you of some of those embarrassing issues!

​Let’s talk about “What is a Toner?” first… A good toner helps you get rid of any EXCESS oil or dirt that your wash or cleanser may not get. Now, when I say “excess”, I mean that in terms like “left overs” at a dinner table. Think about it like this, when you shave, your ripping skin off the surface of your face. Your eliminating the first line of defense. If your skin isn’t squeaky clean, you might get a little something showing up within the next few hours. Using a toner will make sure that the new skin showing up is as clean and smooth as a baby’s bottom. This will help rid the chances of small bumps or irritations showing up if done correctly.

​So when should you use a toner? I recommend using a toner after you shave or before you go to bed. Now I know there are some mixed feelings… “I thought I was supposed to use an after shave when I’m done shaving…” Well of course you are, but do you want to put an after shave on dirty skin or unprotected skin? Absolutely not! Use the toner when you’re done shaving, wait for it to cool off and dry, then apply your after shave. This will lock in the cleanliness and keep you skin looking smooth and clean throughout the day.

How To Tone

​Toners also have many other uses as well. People with problem skin tend to use toner with salicylic acid so it can help clean up problem areas on their skin. Others use toner to help minimize the size of their pores. No matter which way you spin the bottle, it helps you skin become cleaner than before.

​Some really great toners that I recommend giving a go at is the Sharps Barber and Shop Skin Tuner, this goes for $16.99 and will last quite some time. Its great by not drying out the skin, leaving with a nice cool feeling when you’re done using it. Another is the Jack Black Clear Complexion Solution which goes for $24.99. Yea, I know it’s expensive for a skin toner, but if you know the name Jack Black and men’s skin care, you know you’re getting a great quality product for the price. Either one will do… I just wanted to get you thinking.

​So what have we learned? Using a toner does have positive effects on guy’s skin and does help with our complexion and smoothness. Men’s skin care is slowly evolving… just make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

The 5 Must Have for Men

If you’re planning on hitting that high paying job or landing that huge commission check, keep your odds high by prepping yourself with these 5 items.

Shoes they can remember you by

When sitting down with a client, your shoes can tell a lot about who you are. My recommendations are a nice classic business shoe by Johnston & Murphy. Black and shiny should be the key. Make sure you show them off as well. Letting you clients know that you keep that much detail on your shoes can only multiply when thinking about how you will handle their account. Don’t let dust and scuffs de-rail the big deal.

A watch that rings a name

Sure everyone wants a Rolex… but not everyone can afford one. Make sure your sporting a timepiece that says something about you. Walking in with a retro-1980 Casio isn’t yelling heavy hitter. Your clients like to be impressed with your style and products, let them know you don’t play around. The watch arena can bring on great discussions in a meeting that could potentially help close a big one. What is the watch of choice, go with the Breathings or Corms? Throw your clients for a loop, they won’t know what it is, but they’ll check the internet when you leave.

Man that shirt fits nice

Everyone has gone to a department store to buy a dress shirt from time to time. We all know the routine, 16.5 neck, 32/33 length arms, right? Not here Sally… Man up, spend a few bucks and get a tailor to make you a shirt. Your body does not consist of just a neck and arms does it? So why buy a shirt that only uses those measurements. Buying custom fitted shirts by a tailor such as Tom James can give you the difference between a $100 look or a $1,000 look. Yea you might spend a few more bucks, but the shirt fits like no other and it looks just like you wanted. No more parachutes hanging out the sides of your pants. Get a nice shirt, I promise it will get addicting.

Are those cufflinks

If you are preparing for that big hitting appointment, dress to the “9′s” darnit. Cufflinks are a must when going to see the boss. Let them know you’re ready for what they have to bring. Cufflinks show a style of class, separating you from the normal one button sleeve “jo-shmoe”. Make sure they are not too flashy; you don’t want to “Bling” your client to death. A small and strong shine will let them know that you mean business and want that deal.

Here come the men in black

Suit… The last but final ingredient in a successful businessman is a strong, shiny black suit. Do not go cheap here. Spend that extra dollar for the suit. That suit is your first impression. They’re not looking at your face, hands or hair, they are staring directly at your suit. If you walk into that office in a $2,500 custom black suit, the client that you are working with will know that is an expensive suit. So what you may say… Well, if he knows you are spending that much money to look good for him, you’re sending the right vibes. Clients want to know that you are a clean guy who wants to look good. They like to know that the money that you are making off of them is going to the right places. Show off that suit and let them know that the suit is for closers. Heck, it may just do the closing for you.

All of these ingredients are key for a businessman to be successful in all areas. Not only is it important to have the right stuff, you need to look the right way as well. In our next blog addition, we will discuss the mens skin care side of ingredients. Sure you look good, but do you look great? And remember, when you feel good, you are good.

Man Rules: How to be a Gentleman

In order to be a gentleman, you have to…

Lose the hairs

Groom yourself like you want to be seen. Get rid of those nasty nose hairs that peek out a people when you’re talking. Don’t forget to check the ears and eyebrows as well. You want people paying attention to what you say, not what’s growing from your face.

Speak the truth

Everyone has told a fib here and there… but was it worth it? Tell the truth, it will leave you feeling better about yourself and not having to worry about remembering any lies that you told in the past.

Did you write that?

Here is a closing technique that was taught to me when I first started in the biz… write HANDWRITTEN notes to clients and future clients. It shows that you took the time to actually take a piece of paper and show them you care. It will separate you from the rest of the pack and leave a lasting impression on your future clients.

Coming on or getting off?

So there you are, in a rush to get to the 14th floor for an important meeting. The elevator comes, the door opens, what do you do? Don’t be that guy that runs onto the elevator without waiting for people to get off. It’s not saving you any time and you’re not helping your image either. Wait for people to get off before hurdling yourself in there. People will appreciate it and so will the people around you.

Shake like a man

Don’t be the wrist breaker but make sure your grip is firm. Its the first impression you give when meeting someone and could possibly be a story later on. Make sure you go in with a firm shake and grip.


When you call someone to chat and you don’t have an appointment with them, make sure its ok and they have a few minutes. Don’t just dive into a conversation without asking “Do you have a few minutes to talk”. It will let you know that they have a few and will let them have the chance to tell you they don’t rather than rambling on without them listening.

How are you?

If you’re asking, you’re also letting them know you’re going to listen. Make sure you prepare yourself for this one… not everyone is having a great day like you.

What Bluetooth?

Listen, if you’re not using it, remove it. It’s one of the most annoying things to see and hear if you’re not on them. People won’t respond to you if you’re wearing one because their most likely thinking you’re talking to someone else.

Why thank you!

Say it and mean it. If someone opens the door for you, say it. If someone pays you a complement, say it. You will be surprised as to how many people don’t use this word. You will also be surprise as to how far this word can get you.

Man you look good

Keep yourself looking good and feeling good. Keep that face shaved and moisturized. Remove those bags under your eyes. Use a body wash that will keep you smelling good all day. All of this and more can be found at any men’s skin care site. Go ahead and give it a try, but don’t forget the first 9 steps too!

Why a Great Shave is More Than Just a Great Shave

Men's shaving

​We here at The Metroman are all about shaving. We offer lots of tips and tricks to our loyal customers on how to get the best shave with little or no irritation. But getting a great close shave isn’t just about the actual shave itself, it’s about what that great shave provides you every day.

​A great shave is one of the most important factors in how people view you and how they form an opinion on what kind of guy you are. If you are like me, you probably meet at least one new person a day. So every day at least one person is going to make an assumption about what kind of guy you are based on your appearance, demeanor and personality. Now we can’t help you with your personality or demeanor, but we can definitely help you with your shave.

​When your face looks perfectly shaved and have no redness or ingrown hairs, you are telling the world that you are on top of your game and that you aren’t a lazy slob. It may sound a little vain to think that people will make their first impression of you based on your appearance, but you and I both know that a person’s appearance plays a huge factor in your opinion of them. A guy that comes to a business meeting with a scruffy looking face and razor burn all over his face is definitely going to be held in a lower regard than a man who shows up looking well-groomed and clean shaven.

​Here are a few assumptions people may make when meeting someone who hasn’t shaved or has shaved poorly.

Men's shaving
  • Poor time management – Didn’t wake up on time and had to rush his morning routine.
  • Lazy – If he is too lazy to present himself well and shave properly how motivated can he be in other aspects of his life
  • Simply doesn’t care – If he doesn’t care about his appearance, what does he care about?
  • New to the business world – Most successful business men know the importance of appearance. Presentation is half the product. So many people will think you are a rookie and not a seasoned professional.

​Here a few assumptions that most people will make when they meet a man who is perfectly groomed and looking sharp.

  • A go getter – He woke up with plenty of time to make sure he looks his best.
  • Motivated go getter – This guy looks sharp; He obviously is motivated at whatever he does.
  • Cares about how he presents himself to the world – This man takes time to present himself well and cares about how he presents himself, he must be passionate about what he does and do it well.
  • A seasoned Professional – This guy is on his A game, I want to work with a top notch guy, not a rookie.

​Obviously not everyone thinks exactly like this consciously. They might not even realize that they are making some of these assumptions, but they are. We live in a culture where appearance is very important in a aspects of our life. From the boardroom to the dating scene, how you look and present yourself has an outcome on your success. The first step to looking your best every day is to present the world with a close shave and no irritation or razor burn. So present yourself properly to the world and good things will happen. Use people’s subliminal thought processes to your advantage.

​Don’t just shave, Shave Properly and with the products that give you superb results day after day!

What is the Cheapest way to upgrade your morning shower?

Men's Body Wash

One of the cheapest ways you can upgrade your morning grooming routine costs about a dollar, helps exfoliate your skin, can help shorten your shower and leaves you smelling great. So what is this magical cheap grooming device? A loofa!

​A loofa is a web of plastic netting that is joined in the middle and is used to apply body washes and other shower based soaps to the skin. Many guys shy away from using a loofa because it seems girly to them. Most of them come in frilly girly pastels, so we can see why they may have come to that assumption. But in reality Loofas are one of the most effective ways of taking a shower.

​Benefits of using a Loofa

  • Creates more suds with less soap.
  • Exfoliates the skin all over your body and help remove dead skin cells.
  • Allows you to use a body wash instead of having to use bar soap.
  • Coats your body with suds much faster than a bar of soap and helps shorten your shower time.
  • Doesn’t leave a nasty soap spot in your shower like a bar of soap.

So now that we have looked at some of the benefits of using a loofa for your morning shower, let me give a few tips and tricks on how to use one for your next Manly shower.

upgrade your morning shower

How to use a Loofa?​

  • The first thing you want to do is get the loofa wet by placing it under the shower stream for a second or two.
  • The next thing you need to do is apply your favorite men’s body wash. (Notice I said a men’s body wash, don’t start using your girlfriends or you’ll end up smelling like cucumber melon or peach sunrise.)
  • I have found that the best way to apply your men’s body wash is to slowly squeeze the bottle over the loofa and turn the loofa so you get some soap on each side of the loofa.
  • Now you will want to work the loofa with your hands in order to build up a nice lather. If you want extra suds, pass the loofa under the shower stream very quickly to add a little water to the mix.
  • Now that you have a solid lather built up, use the loofa to apply soap to your whole body and rinse off.
  • Your all clean now and your skin is exfoliated and looking great, but your loofa is still coated in soap. So fully rinse all the soap out of it by placing it directly under your shower head. Give it a few squeezes while under the water stream to make sure all the soap is gone.
  • Now that it is clean, give it a final squeeze to get as much water as you can out of it and hang it up to dry. Do not leave your loofa laying on a counter or any other surface in your bathroom. The moisture in it can harbor bacteria. So remember to always hang it up so it can air dry.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your morning shower with a loofa! They cost roughly a dollar, shave time off of your morning grooming routine, and leave your exfoliated and healthy.

Does Shaving Damage Your Skin?

Many people have asked the question “Does shaving everyday damage my skin? “So does shaving with a conventional razor damage the skin on your face? The short answer is that it can if you are not using the proper products pre and post shave.

If you simply use a supermarket shaving cream and do not use an aftershave or face lotion, your skin can get dried out and advance the signs of premature aging. My face is extremely prone to getting dry, even when using an electric shaver. I have found that when I began using the proper high quality shaving products that my face feels much softer, moisturized and looks much healthier.

So how can you get the close shave you want from a conventional razor and still avoid damaging and or drying out your face? As I stated above, using the correct products pre and post shave will eliminate the damage and drying of your skin. A pre shave face wash is an excellent way to clear the face of any oil, dirt or debris prior to running a razor over your face.

Clearing your skin of oil and dirt allow the blade to slide over your face with the least amount of resistance possible. This does two things, It allows your razor to glide smoothly down your face without getting snagged on dirt and oil as well as clearing your face of any dirt that my get forced into your pores causing irritation and possible ingrown hairs.

Shaving Tips for Sensitive Skin

The next step to getting the best possible shave without damaging your face is to use a high quality shaving cream or lather that was designed by professionals to give your skin a fighting chance. Almost all supermarket shaving creams are created to do the least amount necessary for your skin.

They are made as cheaply as possible with harsh chemicals that are not designed to protect your skin from a sharp razor. Using a high quality shaving cream or lather has many benefits. One is that it allows the blade to glide as smoothly as possible, giving you an extremely close shave, while also infusing the skin with moisturizers to fight the effects of drying and premature aging.

The third step in your daily routine should be a moisturizing after shave or balm. When an aftershave is applied it provides the skin with instant moisture as well as closing the pores of the skin to block and dirt or oil from getting into them and causing irritation or the dreaded razor burn. They also give the skin a cooling sensation which soothes your skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

The last and most important step is to use a high quality face lotion with or without sunscreen as an ingredient. I personally recommend using one with SPF 15 or above. The sun is one of the main culprits in premature aging and if you can protect your skin from the minute you walk out the door I feel it is a great idea to do.

Using a moisturizer after shaving is a vital step that provides the face with moisture all throughout the day. Moisturized skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin is skin that looks great for years to come. Following these steps is a slam dunk way to fight premature aging and dry skin, while providing you with the closest shave possible.

How to Shave with an Electric Razor

So you have decided to go to an electric razor. Maybe shaving with a regular razor is too tough on your sensitive skin, or you just like the convenience and speed of shave with an electric razor. Whatever the reason that you have decided to use an electric razor over a regular blade, there are few things that you need to know in order to get the closest shave with the least amount of irritation.

​There are two different types of electric razors on the market today the first is the Rotary. The Rotary razor usually has two or three rotating razor heads that perform all of the grunt work. These rotary razors use circular rotation of the blades to cut the whiskers on your face and neck. Rotary electric razors are usually better at cutting longer hairs on your face, but they normally do not give you as close a shave as their shaving partner the foil razor.

​A foil razor usually has 2 to 3 cutting foils that shave your face. A foil razor works by wrapping screw like blades in a thin perforated metal foil. These screw like blades are vibrated back-and-forth by an electric motor. Any hair that enters the perforations of the foil is sliced by the screw like blades as they go back-and-forth. Foil razors are known for giving a closer shave than their Rotary Brothers, but are not as good on thick stubble and long facial hair.

​So now that you know the difference between the two types of electric razors there are a few tips and tricks to get the closest shave from them as well as prolonging the life of your electric razor.

Shave with Electric Razor

Just as with shaving with a blade, shaving after a hot shower will give you the best results. The reason for this is that the warm water and steam softens the hairs on your face and allows the electric razor to cut your facial hair more cleanly and easily.


Make sure that your face is completely dry before beginning to shave with an electric razor. Due to the large surface area of these razors that come in contact with your face, if there is any moisture on your skin the blade will tend to stick to your skin and you will be forced to push harder against your skin to move it. This can lead to irritation on your face and ingrown hairs.


The next tip is to use an electric pre-shave solution. Using a pre shave solution will do three things for you. The first thing it will do is remove any oil that is on your face that can make your electric razor stick to your skin. The next thing they will do is make your facial hair stand up straight so that your electric razor can cut the hairs closer to the skin than if they were laying flat. The third and most important thing a pre-shave solution will do for you is condition your skin and provide it with moisture that it needs during and after shave with an electric razor. We offer three varieties of electric preshave solutions, the first being Anthony Logistics Electric Pre Shave Solution, the second being Billy Jealousy Lightning Bolt Electric Pre Shave Solution, and the third being Jack Black Electric Shave Enhancer.


Keeping your electric razor clean is extremely important and if done regularly will extend the life of your electric razor and provide you with a more consistent and close morning shave. All electric razors are different in their cleaning procedures, so consult your owner's manual to find out the best way to clean your electric razor. The ideal frequency to clean your electric razor is after every shave, but more realistically most men will do it at most after every three shaves. We have found that cleaning your electric razor after three shaves will give you a consistent close shave.


The second half of cleaning your electric razor is to oil the blades and foil. Once again every electric razor has different procedures that need to be followed when oiling the blades and metal foil. Consult your owner's manual to determine the best way to lubricate your electric razor. Using too thick of an oil can cause the blades to become sluggish and dull too soon.


When shave with an electric razor the best way to get a close shave is to go against the grain of your facial hair. This means starting with your neck and moving up your face. The other advantage to starting with your neck and moving up the face is that electric razors tend to get hot due to the friction in the blades. This added heat can irritate the skin on your neck more easily than on your face as the neck is usually the most sensitive part of your shaving area.


Go slow! Just because the razors are covered by a metal foil does not mean that they cannot cut your face and irritate your skin. You have to remember that these blades whether in a Rotary shaver or foil razor are moving and rotating extremely fast. So if you try to rush through your morning shave and accidentally press too hard against your skin, it can get caught inside the gaps of the foil and then get clipped by the razor. So take your time when shave with an electric razor to avoid unsightly red spots and bleeding on your neck and face.


Now that you are finished shaving with your electric razor you might notice that your skin feels a little dry. Most men feel that because they are using an electric razor that they do not need to use any kind of aftershave or post shave product. While some men can get away without using any form of post shave product, most men with sensitive skin will find it very beneficial to use an aftershave after shaving with an electric razor.

So now you know the ins and outs of using an electric razor. Remember to go slow and keep your electric razor clean. One more little advantage that the electric razor has over regular shaving with a blade is that you can bring your electric razor with you wherever you go for a quick touch up later on in the day.

Ultimate Shaving Manual and Guide

Shave in the shower

​Shaving should be your final step before exiting the shower. The warm water and steam of a shower softens the hairs and opens your pores.


​One of our High end Shaving formulas will form a slick lubricating cushion and allow your razor to glide without scraping. Leave the cream on your face for a minute or so before shaving. This will allow the moisturizers in the formula to penetrate your skin and to further soften the hairs. The Metro Man recommends Amenity Shave Cream, Barc Cutting Up Shave Cream, Davi Reserve Shave Cream, Jack Black Supreme Cream Shave Lather, Ritual The Whip, Sharps Kid Glove Oil-Free Pre-Shave Stick and Urth Shave Formula as we feel they are the best for your shave.

​Use a face scrub

​A gentle scrubbing will help open pores and raise stubs for the closest shave possible. This exfoliation method removes dead skin cells that can cause acne, ingrown hairs and other facial blemishes. The Metro Man recommends the following products - Amenity Gel Face Cleanser, Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser, Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub, Sharps Daily Prep Foaming Scrub, Urth Scrub and Urth Face Wash.


​Use a sharp blade

​Even High end razors don’t stay sharp forever. The Metro Man recommends that you use a new razor once a week. Doing this ensures that you are getting the closest shave possible without the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs. Using gentle strokes is the best way to get a close shave without damaging your skin. Putting too much pressure on the blades against the skin put premature wear on the blades and because you skin to become enflamed.

​Use the proper products

​All of our products have been personally tested by The Metro Man to ensure that they are the best possible products for you and your face. We have filtered out any products that contain irritants and inadequate amounts of the ingredients that are necessary for the best possible shave a guy can have. Most over the counter shaving products contain industrial chemicals.

These chemicals are used because they are cheap. These industrial chemicals irritate the skin and cause most of the skin problems that men encounter while shaving, Dry skin, blemishes and acne to name a few. Our products contain the highest quality ingredients in the world. They have been formulated by leading Men’s Dermatologists to moisturize and improve Men’s skin, not to strip and irritate the skin like the others guy’s products.

Kind Shaving Crazy Shave

​Post Shave Soothing

​After shave skin treatment is one of the most over looked steps when shaving. This step is crucial to protect your skin and add needed moisture to your skin after shaving. This step also helps close pours to lock out any contaminants your skin may encounter through the day. One other benefit this step offers is making your skin feel like a million bucks after you shave. Let’s face it, when you look and feel your best, you perform at your highest level. The Metro Man recommends the following products - Amenity After Shave & Face Moisturizer, Davi Vine Fresh Lotion, Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer, Sharps Daily Prep Oil-Free Lotion and Urth Face Balm.

​For Special Occasions

​This method is used when you want the closest shave possible. This method can be used for Dates, Job Interviews or any other time you want the closest shave possible. Shave in two steps. First, shave with the grain with very light pressure. Second, reapply a coat of shaving formula and shave against the grain for super close and smooth results. We do not recommend using this method everyday as it puts extra strain on your skin. This method should only be used for special occasions. Don’t forget to use adequate amount of moisturizing after shave after utilizing this method.Happy Shaving!!!!!

How to Keep Your Shaving Razor Sharper and Last Longer?

As most of us men know, the cost of disposable razors has been rising consistently over the past 10 to 15 years. Razor manufacturers have been adding extra blades, moisturizing strips and raised rubber strips to lift the hairs.

While most of these additions to the standard disposable razor have helped give us closer shaves with less irritation, the increased cost of these blades has been giving men everywhere a burning feeling in their wallets.

Some of the latest varieties of disposables can cost upwards of $18.00 for a 4 pack. That amounts to $4.50 per razor!!! With the average man throwing away a razor every 4 days to a week the cost of shaving can get a little pricey.

Shaving Razor

​Most men think that the act of cutting through the hairs on their face is what dulls the blade and renders the razor head useless. While this is true to a small degree, it is not the main cause of blade degradation. So what is the main cause you ask, H20. That’s right, the water you use during your shave and to rinse off your blade is what causes most of the dulling of the blades.

​So how does water dull a stainless steel razor blade, Oxidation. As you probably already know, water oxidizes metal. This oxidation is commonly known as rust. Picture any piece of metal that has been left outside to long. Now picture that on a microscopic level. That is why your razor does not feel as sharp as it did 4 days ago.

​So what can you do to prevent your disposable razor from becoming dull and having to throw it away prematurely? There are many methods out there that are a little on the crazy side, such as cryogenically freezing your razor, freezing your razor in the freezer or placing it in a magnetic field. But none of those methods have any evidence supporting them, and c’mon, who is really going to cryogenically free there razor every morning?

​So I have compiled some tried and true methods to lengthen the life of your razor and are a little more on the practical side.

shaving tool

​Drying your razor

  • After you are done completely rinsing of your razor. Shake it a little bit to get any excess water off of the blades.
  • Use a towel to dry off the blades. Do not drag your razor across the towel, but dab or blot your razor on the towel.
  • You can also use a blow dryer for 10 to 15 seconds to make sure that there is no water on the blades. Do not overdue it as the heat can warp the blades if they get too hot. If your hair dryer has a cool shot button, you can use it to blow off any water without worrying about warping the blade.

​Storing your Razor

  • If you want to store your razor in the bathroom, it is wise to place it in an airtight plastic bag. This will keep the moisture from showering off the blades and will help prevent oxidation.
  • The best option is to store your razor outside of the bathroom.
  • One of the worst places to store your blade is close to the shower. This is the source of a lot of steam and splashing and will accelerate the dulling of your blades.
Storing your Razor

​Rubbing Alcohol

  • Placing a few drops or dipping your blade in a cup of rubbing alcohol can help remove moisture from your blades.
  • The alcohol will dry quickly and will help keep the blade dry.
  • An added benefit to this method is that the alcohol will kill any bacteria that is on your blades and can help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Honing your Blades

Have your ever seen an old movie where a barber is rubbing a straight razor up and down on a piece of leather? He is not doing this to sharpen the blade, he is doing this to hone the blade. Honing is basically straightening minor bends and nicks in the blade to provide a closer shave. The same principal applies to knives. There are two methods that I have heard of to accomplish this.

Honing your Blades

​The first method consists of running the blade all the way down a pair of jeans 10 to 20 times, and then running the blade the reverse way 10 to 20 times. The fabric in denim runs in a diagonal pattern, so running the blade down and then up ensures an even honing.

​The second method is basically running the blade backwards up your arm 10 times. The skin, like leather acts as a honing surface and can help keep your blade sharp. Careful not to run the blade forward, or you will have some bald red arms.

​So if you’re sick of spending $20+ dollars a month on disposable razor blades, give one or all four of these techniques a try. We guarantee that your blades will stay sharper and last longer.

Balding Tips & Advice

Balding Tips & Advice. Balding is one of the scariest words in the English language for any man. There is nothing scarier than the thought of losing your precious head of hair. Many men fear balding, but not everyone fully understand why men go bald and what causes it.

​What Causes Baldness

​There are 3 main cause of baldness in men. The first being genetics, the second being stress levels and illness, the third is a hormone that shuts off hair follicles.



Many leading doctors believe that the baldness gene is passed on from the mother to the son. Meaning that if the males on your mother’s side of the family are bald, then there is a good chance that you will go bald as well. Keep in mind this only applies to blood relatives such as your mom’s father and her brothers. So if you’re worried about going bald, it might be worth it to break out the family photo albums.


Stress & Illness

While it has never been proven by the scientific community, it seems very apparent that people under high amounts of stress tend to go gray faster and have a higher rate of baldness. So chill out and take a few deep breaths. Certain diseases and highly potent medicines can cause baldness to occur. Consult a physician if a medicine that you are prescribed is causing hair loss.


DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

While its name makes it sound like a kick ass super testosterone, that is so far from the truth. DHT is found in the body in the Testes, Adrenal Glands, Prostate Gland and Hair Follicles. DHT is responsible for many of your manly characteristics such as body hair, facial hair, deepening of the voice and sex drive. Sounds good so far right? DHT is good when it is in your body and making you manly, but it is not good when too much of it ends up in your scalp and in your hair follicles. DHT has a nasty habit of killing of your roots and keeping them from growing hair, Hence the baldness. So far the only proven chemicals that help ward off DHT from your scalp and hair follicles are called DHT Blockers. These blockers can be found in Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic Shampoo and Billy Jealousy Cashmere Coat Conditioner.

How to Treat Baldness

​While there are no known cures for baldness and no proven methods for re-growing hair, there are a few ways you can either slow or halt the process.


Use a product that contains DHT blockers such as Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic Shampoo and Billy Jealousy Cashmere Coat Conditioner. These products are easy to use every day and help stop the damage that DHT is doing to your hair follicles and roots.


Prescription medicines have proven to be pretty effective at slowing or stopping hair loss. Some of the more popular medicines are Rogaine, Propecia and Minoxidil. Some of these medicines require a prescription and can cause unwanted side effects. Always consult a physician before trying any prescription medicines.

Other Tips to help slow Baldness

  • Be gentle with your hair when shampooing and conditioning.
  • Be Gentle while combing or brushing your hair.
  • Be Gentle when drying your hair with a towel or hair dryer.
  • Easy on the tight fitting hats.
  • While shampooing, massage your scalp to help increase blood flow and circulation.
  • Try to change and or wash your pillow case once a week.