Shaving Damage Your Skin

Does Shaving Damage Your Skin?

Many people have asked the question “Does shaving everyday damage my skin? “So does shaving with a conventional razor damage the skin on your face? The short answer is that it can if you are not using the proper products pre and post shave.

If you simply use a supermarket shaving cream and do not use an aftershave or face lotion, your skin can get dried out and advance the signs of premature aging. My face is extremely prone to getting dry, even when using an electric shaver. I have found that when I began using the proper high quality shaving products that my face feels much softer, moisturized and looks much healthier.

So how can you get the close shave you want from a conventional razor and still avoid damaging and or drying out your face? As I stated above, using the correct products pre and post shave will eliminate the damage and drying of your skin. A pre shave face wash is an excellent way to clear the face of any oil, dirt or debris prior to running a razor over your face.

Clearing your skin of oil and dirt allow the blade to slide over your face with the least amount of resistance possible. This does two things, It allows your razor to glide smoothly down your face without getting snagged on dirt and oil as well as clearing your face of any dirt that my get forced into your pores causing irritation and possible ingrown hairs.

Shaving Tips for Sensitive Skin

The next step to getting the best possible shave without damaging your face is to use a high quality shaving cream or lather that was designed by professionals to give your skin a fighting chance. Almost all supermarket shaving creams are created to do the least amount necessary for your skin.

They are made as cheaply as possible with harsh chemicals that are not designed to protect your skin from a sharp razor. Using a high quality shaving cream or lather has many benefits. One is that it allows the blade to glide as smoothly as possible, giving you an extremely close shave, while also infusing the skin with moisturizers to fight the effects of drying and premature aging.

The third step in your daily routine should be a moisturizing after shave or balm. When an aftershave is applied it provides the skin with instant moisture as well as closing the pores of the skin to block and dirt or oil from getting into them and causing irritation or the dreaded razor burn. They also give the skin a cooling sensation which soothes your skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

The last and most important step is to use a high quality face lotion with or without sunscreen as an ingredient. I personally recommend using one with SPF 15 or above. The sun is one of the main culprits in premature aging and if you can protect your skin from the minute you walk out the door I feel it is a great idea to do.

Using a moisturizer after shaving is a vital step that provides the face with moisture all throughout the day. Moisturized skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin is skin that looks great for years to come. Following these steps is a slam dunk way to fight premature aging and dry skin, while providing you with the closest shave possible.

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