Shave with an Electric Razor

How to Shave with an Electric Razor

So you have decided to go to an electric razor. Maybe shaving with a regular razor is too tough on your sensitive skin, or you just like the convenience and speed of shave with an electric razor. Whatever the reason that you have decided to use an electric razor over a regular blade, there are few things that you need to know in order to get the closest shave with the least amount of irritation.

​There are two different types of electric razors on the market today the first is the Rotary. The Rotary razor usually has two or three rotating razor heads that perform all of the grunt work. These rotary razors use circular rotation of the blades to cut the whiskers on your face and neck. Rotary electric razors are usually better at cutting longer hairs on your face, but they normally do not give you as close a shave as their shaving partner the foil razor.

​A foil razor usually has 2 to 3 cutting foils that shave your face. A foil razor works by wrapping screw like blades in a thin perforated metal foil. These screw like blades are vibrated back-and-forth by an electric motor. Any hair that enters the perforations of the foil is sliced by the screw like blades as they go back-and-forth. Foil razors are known for giving a closer shave than their Rotary Brothers, but are not as good on thick stubble and long facial hair.

​So now that you know the difference between the two types of electric razors there are a few tips and tricks to get the closest shave from them as well as prolonging the life of your electric razor.

Shave with Electric Razor

Just as with shaving with a blade, shaving after a hot shower will give you the best results. The reason for this is that the warm water and steam softens the hairs on your face and allows the electric razor to cut your facial hair more cleanly and easily.


Make sure that your face is completely dry before beginning to shave with an electric razor. Due to the large surface area of these razors that come in contact with your face, if there is any moisture on your skin the blade will tend to stick to your skin and you will be forced to push harder against your skin to move it. This can lead to irritation on your face and ingrown hairs.


The next tip is to use an electric pre-shave solution. Using a pre shave solution will do three things for you. The first thing it will do is remove any oil that is on your face that can make your electric razor stick to your skin. The next thing they will do is make your facial hair stand up straight so that your electric razor can cut the hairs closer to the skin than if they were laying flat. The third and most important thing a pre-shave solution will do for you is condition your skin and provide it with moisture that it needs during and after shave with an electric razor. We offer three varieties of electric preshave solutions, the first being Anthony Logistics Electric Pre Shave Solution, the second being Billy Jealousy Lightning Bolt Electric Pre Shave Solution, and the third being Jack Black Electric Shave Enhancer.


Keeping your electric razor clean is extremely important and if done regularly will extend the life of your electric razor and provide you with a more consistent and close morning shave. All electric razors are different in their cleaning procedures, so consult your owner's manual to find out the best way to clean your electric razor. The ideal frequency to clean your electric razor is after every shave, but more realistically most men will do it at most after every three shaves. We have found that cleaning your electric razor after three shaves will give you a consistent close shave.


The second half of cleaning your electric razor is to oil the blades and foil. Once again every electric razor has different procedures that need to be followed when oiling the blades and metal foil. Consult your owner's manual to determine the best way to lubricate your electric razor. Using too thick of an oil can cause the blades to become sluggish and dull too soon.


When shave with an electric razor the best way to get a close shave is to go against the grain of your facial hair. This means starting with your neck and moving up your face. The other advantage to starting with your neck and moving up the face is that electric razors tend to get hot due to the friction in the blades. This added heat can irritate the skin on your neck more easily than on your face as the neck is usually the most sensitive part of your shaving area.


Go slow! Just because the razors are covered by a metal foil does not mean that they cannot cut your face and irritate your skin. You have to remember that these blades whether in a Rotary shaver or foil razor are moving and rotating extremely fast. So if you try to rush through your morning shave and accidentally press too hard against your skin, it can get caught inside the gaps of the foil and then get clipped by the razor. So take your time when shave with an electric razor to avoid unsightly red spots and bleeding on your neck and face.


Now that you are finished shaving with your electric razor you might notice that your skin feels a little dry. Most men feel that because they are using an electric razor that they do not need to use any kind of aftershave or post shave product. While some men can get away without using any form of post shave product, most men with sensitive skin will find it very beneficial to use an aftershave after shaving with an electric razor.

So now you know the ins and outs of using an electric razor. Remember to go slow and keep your electric razor clean. One more little advantage that the electric razor has over regular shaving with a blade is that you can bring your electric razor with you wherever you go for a quick touch up later on in the day.

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