Mens Skin Care

Why should you use High Quality Mens Skin Care Products?

​I get this question a lot when I discuss High Quality Mens skin care products with men that have never tried them. They ask me why they would spend $20 on shaving cream when they can get a can of Barbasol from the supermarket for $2. The simple answer to this is yes; you can get a can of shaving cream for $2, but is that $2 can of shaving cream going to give you a close shave? Is it going to protect your face properly while you are sliding a sharp razor across your face? Is it going to help moisturize your face after your shave and keep your skin looking young and healthy? No!

​You can watch the Super bowl on a 13-inch tube TV, and at the end of the day you did watch the Super bowl. Or on the other hand you could have watched the game on a 65 inch HD Flat Screen and seen every last detail of the big game. So in comparison, both TV’s allowed you to watch the big game. But one did the job much better than the other. This is much like High Quality Mens skin care products and regular Supermarket brand products. While the 13-inch TV was designed just to watch TV, the 65 inch HD Flat Screen TV was designed for people who want to experience TV to the fullest.

​High Quality Men’s Skin Products such as those made by Amenity, Billy Jealousy, Jack Black and Barc are more expensive because they do more for your skin and you have to use much less to achieve the results that you want. For instance, a $2 can of shaving cream lasts about a month, while a 6oz Tub of Barq Cutting Up Shaving Cream lasts about 6 months.

Men face care cream

So over a 6-month period you saved $6 by using an inferior shaving product that left your face dry, with razor bumps and daily cuts. Another way to look at it is by using a High quality Shaving cream you are spending an extra $1 a month. That’s pretty cheap price to pay for one of the #1 rated Shaving Creams in the world.

Not to mention all of the benefits you will get by using a High Quality Shaving Cream. You will get a much closer shave each and every day. Your Skin will look and feel healthier every single day. You will eliminate all the irritation and cuts that you got with your normal shaving cream.

​Shaving Cream is just one example of a mens skin care products that can offer you many benefits in your personal grooming. Other products that fall into this category are Face Cleansers, Face and Body Moisturizers, Hair Gel and Hand Creams.

​Take a moment to think, is the skin that I live in and everyone else sees worth an extra few dollars to keep youthful and healthy looking? I Think So!!!

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