5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lingerie for Her

This does not have to be a difficult endeavor at all, and choosing the right lingerie can mean the world for the future of your relationship. Show her that you find her attractive and that you value her style and opinions by selecting the perfect piece of lingerie the first time.

Choosing the Right Lingerie

Tip 1 – Keep in mind during every second that you spend online or in the lingerie store that you are shopping for her. Though lingerie is as much for you as it is for her in some circumstances, if you want your gift to stand out as a true testament to your love, you absolutely must make sure that you are purchasing for her, and not to satisfy a fantasy of your own.


Tip 2 – Even more important than knowing her style and taste, it is vital that you know a thing or two about her body when you buy her lingerie. If you are buying her a bra, a camisole or something that is meant to fit right around her bust, then you absolutely must know her bust size. And please understand that this is more than just her cup size – You need to know how she feels most comfortable if you want to impress her. Proper fit is an important aspect of finding the right piece of lingerie for someone you love, so discretely figure out what she likes to wear and buy accordingly.


Tip 3 – Do not be afraid to touch each piece of lingerie that you are considering. Touch the inside of each piece of lingerie and consider how it will feel on her body when she is wearing it. Comfort is more than just about fit, and also has to do with how different materials feel against her skin. Her new lingerie should make her feel comfortable and sexy which means that it should be smooth, soft and silky both inside and out.

Finding Your True Bra Size

Tip 4 – Know what it means to purchase cheap lingerie. Cheap lingerie absolutely does not have to be poor quality. Instead, you could find yourself netting a nice deal on some high quality clothing, which means you will have extra cash left over for flowers, or more lingerie for that matter. Cheap lingerie comes in all shapes, sizes and quality levels – You simply need to make sure that you are buying high quality pieces at good prices, rather than low quality pieces at expected prices. Price usually goes up when trademarks and expensive labels are involved – And the label does not have to be everything when the lingerie is gorgeous.


Tip 5 – Do not be afraid to get her friends involved if you need assistance. They probably know a thing or two about her that you have not thought of, and will more than likely enjoy taking part in helping you treat their friend to a generous gift. A woman’s touch may be exactly what you need to select the perfect piece of lingerie for your special lady.