Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Review

Revitol: Stretch mark solution?

Revitol is a company that focuses on providing solutions to repair and enhance the skin. Their Stretch Mark Prevention Cream penetrates deep to increase the elasticity of skin cells and support and strengthen the collagen layer of the skin to help stretch marks from forming during pregnancy, puberty, periods of extreme weight gain or loss, or even from muscle-building workouts.

​As well as preventing stretch marks from forming in the first place, Revitol Stretch Mark Cream improves existing stretch marks by supporting the collagen layer to renew and repair itself. Applying the product as directed can produce a great improvement in the appearance of stretch marks in just a few short week’stime.

​Stretch marks are a great cause of insecurity for many women, especially during intimacy with their partners, or the occasion to don swimwear. Because of the rapid growth, effects of hormones and stretching of the skin that happens during pregnancy, women are most vulnerable to stretch marks at this time of their lives.

​Stretch marks are actually a type of scar produced when the collagen layer of the skin breaks due to the demands put upon it to accommodate the rapidly expanding stomach, breasts and thighs that accompany pregnancy. Scar tissue is produced within the damaged collagen layer, producing stretch marks.

​The tendency to produce stretch marks is often first noted during the rapid growth phase of puberty, but often stretch marks do not show up until pregnancy.

​During the early stages of pregnancy, the mother’s stomach area is still flat, and no abnormal stretching demands are made of the skin. During the later stages of pregnancy, the very rapid growth of the baby produces demand upon the mother’s skin to stretch to accommodate the rapid increase in size of baby. Very often, the mother’s skin just cannot not keep up with the rapid increases in size demanded by pregnancy.

​As well, stretch marks have a genetic factor, and tend to run in families. It is not impossible to reduce the visible appearance of stretch marks once they are formed, but it is difficult to eradicate them completely, so prevention in the first place is the key.

Revitol stretch mark remover

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream contains all-natural ingredients such as grapefruit seed extracts, powerful anti-oxidant vitamins A and E, and the well-known healing properties of aloe vera. This blend of ingredients work in combination to increase the elasticity levels of the skin and stimulate the growth of new skin cells in the collagen layer.

Because Revitol Stretch Mark Cream’s ingredients are so powerful, they are not only useful fofor preventing stretch marks from ever forming, they can also reduce existing stretch marks in appearance.

It is important to begin using Revitol Stretch Mark Cream during the beginning phases of pregnancy, before any significant stretching of the skin occurs. In this way, the deep layers of the skin will be nourished and supported and much better be able to handle the demands placed by a rapidly expanding tummy in the layer stages of pregnancy.

Preventing stretch marks from forming in the first place means that you’ll still be able to look great on the beach and feel confident around your partner without feeling embarrassed by multiple stretch marks. The makers of Revitol Stretch Mark Cream feel so confident that their product will help you prevent and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks that they offer two free bottles so that you can judge its effectiveness for yourself.

You will almost immediately notice a reduction in the feeling of tightness in your skin if you begin its use during pregnancy. This is due to the powerful ingredients of Revitol Strech Mark Cream working to increase skin elasticity and increase the strength of deep skin layers.

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream’s inclusion of squalene oil in their formula helps to promote overall health of skin while Vitamins A and E as well as grapefruit seed extract sinks deep within the skin to help strengthen the underlying collagen and elastin layers of the skin. These ingredients work in tandem to help stimulate the production of collagen, thus producing increased strength and elasticity. A stronger collagen layer goes far in preventing the formation of the damage that eventually causes stretch marks to form.

Another key ingredient of Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is Vitamin D3, which is produced by the body upon exposure to sunlight. It is crucial for regeneration of the epidermal layer of the skin; however, the damage caused by sun exposure is well-noted. By supplementing the skin with the Vitamin D3 contained within the product will help with producing new, stronger dermal cells.

Some stretch mark creams promise that they can entirely remove existing stretch marks, but this is an unrealistic promise. Revitol claims that their Stretch Mark Cream can significantly improve and decrease the appearance of existing stretch marks, but they do not claim that it will entirely eliminate them as other products do.

Best results for improving existing stretch marks with Revitol Stretch Mark Cream are found when the stretch marks are still relatively “fresh”, and red and raised in appearance. If stretch marks are older, and “silvery” colored, more time will be needed to see an improvement in their appearance after using this cream.

A proactive approach is best for stretch mark prevention. Don’t wait too long to begin treating areas affected by stretch marks; the best course is to begin treatment before they form in the first place. Ignoring stretch marks do not make them go away. Fortunately, by using Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, you can not only prevent stretch marks from forming in the first place, but also improve the appearance of existing stretch marks.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free trial today!​

What Causes Ingrown Hairs

I really want to help you guys out there that are having this issue. Jerald and many of my customers had a problem with ingrown hairs. I helped them get rid of the issue by teaching them to prevent it altogether.

Ingrown hairs a.k.a. Barbi Foliculitus, trapped hairs, razor bumps, or da’ bumps are pesky irritants that make will make any man hate shaving. The first step to terminating them is understanding what causes them. Once you have a clear understanding of what causes the irritation, you can prevent them by simply avoiding certain products or practices. I will then give you an alternative process to help you get a close clean shave while still avoiding the risk of creating razor bumps. Most online guides only offer instruction on how to treat ingrown hairs, I will recommend how to prevent the condition altogether


The information I will provide below are recommendations based on my experiences and the experiences of my customers. I unfortunately cannot guarantee an outcome, but I do guarantee that the recommendations I make are ones that I myself personally use every day. You can rest assured that I will not make a recommendation without some experience with that which I am recommending.

Throughout this guide I will mention several products or systems you may be unfamiliar with. If that is the case, there are in depth articles and guides on those topics here on this blog. Feel free to get knowledge about any unfamiliar topics here on and return to this post once you have the information. Let’s begin.


Your Skin And Ingrown Hairs

Many men believe their skin is the cause of ingrown hairs, but it’s not. Ingrown hairs happen when a hair becomes trapped beneath the skin, as a result of shaving too closely or plucking. Multi blade razors (having more than one blade), combined with incorrect shaving practices are the most unknown cause of ingrown hairs.

When one exclaims they cannot shave with razors, it’s likely they shaved with a disposable multi blade razor purchased in a supermarket, along with some canned foam or gel. The shave obviously resulted in painful irritation and unsightly razor bumps. What’s interesting is that most men shave this way, and the poor results are nearly unanimous. But it’s not their fault, they do not know any better. Soon you will


Why Do Multi Blades Cause Ingrown Hairs

Multi blades are designed to give a super close shave. This is a huge benefit to those that enjoy being clean shaven, but hate to shave daily, because the closer the shave, the longer it will last. But, why are multi blades responsible for causing ingrown hairs? To answer this question, let’s remember how ingrown hairs happen.

“Ingrown hairs are caused when a hair becomes trapped beneath the skin, as a result of shaving too closely or plucking.”

The way that multi blade razors achieve their super closeness is via a system designed to cut the hair beneath the skin’s surface. As the razor blade passes, it will first stretch/extend the hair from the follicle, then cut the hair breaking it’s tension causing it to retract deeply into the follicle. The instant result is a closer shave, but later many of those hairs will become trapped and ingrown.


What’s Your Hair Gotta Do With It

Now that you know that multi blades are the culprit for razor bumps, you might find it surprising that many men still use them religiously. Why is that? Well, of course they don’t know any better. But the main reason for this is because most of them do not have a severe ingrown hair problem. In order for a hair to become ingrown, it would have to be blocked from exiting the follicle. Usually dead skin cells or sebum causes the blockage.

This can obviously affect anyone, but those with very curly coarse hair are more susceptible because their hair is a lot more likely to bend back into the wrong direction. This is why black men experience ingrown hairs much more often. Their hair tends to be more coarse and curly in comparison to other races. This is why razor bumps are better prevented than treated. In my opinion, there is no special serum or magic cream that can assure a man will not get ingrown hairs. The best way to deal with the issue is by adopting a great shave regimen.

5 Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Treating ingrown hairs is like a fat guy getting liposuction to get skinny. As soon as he leaves the hospital, he goes back to eating pizza, burgers, and ice cream, then sits on a couch all day every day until he’s fat again. He will never be able to remain skinny, just as you will never be able to get rid of those ingrown hairs without changing some bad habits. Treating the razor bumps will only rid you of them temporarily, but preventing them from ceases their existence.



Here are some recommendations for preventing razor bumps:

Use a badger hair shaving brush along with a quality shaving cream to lather your face. The badger brush will exfoliate the skin removing potential blockages from the follicle. It’s warm lather will also soften your hair making it easier to cut, which reduces the number of passes needed to complete a shave, thereby lowering the overall risk of irritation.

When choosing a cream, pick one that can be lathered with your new shaving brush. That eliminates foams and gels from the list. Your shaving cream should blend well with water. Water is the secret ingredient to keeping the hair soft. There are plenty of oils and creams that are made for hair softening. Many of them work great and are a pleasure to use. I prefer water because it’s cheap and doesn’t clog my pores.

I am sure I don’t have to mention this one at this point, but I’ll say it anyway. STEER CLEAR OF MULTI BLADE RAZORS! “Then Mr. George, what am I supposed to use? Glad you asked! You want to use a single blade razor. There are only two types of razors that fall in this category that I know of, safety razors and straight razors. Both of these razors require a little practice before getting 100% comfortable with using them. But, once you’ve become comfortable, you will never want to shave with anything else. You can achieve smooth close shave without any irritation. It’s also a nice benefit the blades go for around 10-50¢ a blade depending on the brand. Off course you need to choose the best safety razor or the best straight razors in this purpose .

Use alcohol free products! The only alcohol that should be included in your shave regimen is the glass of single malt scotch on the counter. Alcohol dries out the skin. This hardens the skin making it more difficult for the hair to grow out of the follicle. Instead use an alcohol free moisturizing after shave balm. It’s soothing and will keep your skin healthy.

If you are one of those guys that needs feel that post shave burn you get from an alcohol based after shave, go out and get yourself an alum block. It will provide you a solid burn, while also closing your pores, and stopping nicks.

This is how you really get rid of ingrown hairs. Without changing your shave habits you will continue having painful, irritated, and unsightly razor bumps. How much do you want to improve your skin?


Hope this helps!

32 Best Mother’s Day Surprise Gift Ideas

Creative Surprise Gift Ideas for Your Mother

Spring is our favorite season for a lot of reasons and Mother’s Day is one of them.

This year in 2015, Mother’s day falls on May 10th thus giving us the perfect opportunity to pamper our moms who are always too busy taking care of us and forget to look after themselves.

Surprising your mother this Mother’s day can be a very nice way to thank her for all she has done for us. It can be anything as simple as a meal for the family cooked by you or as extravagant as taking her to a shopping spree for all her favorite brands.

We are sharing the best of the best surprising your mom ideas on this Mother’s Day.

Create a Scrapbook or a Photo Album

Our mothers make all the sacrifices with the mission of keeping our families together. Making a photo album with all the good (and old but gold) pictures will not only surprise her but also would feel her succeeded in keeping off the members close knit. Include any or all pictures, ticket stubs, post cards collected on the family trips and get-together. Reminiscing the good old times will make her smile from ear to ear.

Surprise Gift Ideas

Create a Tribute Video

If you want to be more visual than a photo album, creating a tribute video is a fantastic idea. Gather all your close family & friends and have them say an message dedicated to your mother. Add anecdotes to the messages. Mix in her favorite songs, edit in photographs from her favorite trip or perform a short skit. All these things will go a long way to expressing how important she is for everyone around her.

Plan a short vacation or a weekend getaway

Ask your father for places your mom wants to vacation at or think of a place, she would really like to visit. Plan the details really well so that she can REALLY take the time off and just relax. If possible, give her some options for accommodations, local spots or activities. She can choose the best for herself.

Book her a spa treatment or any kind of retreat

If she likes getting massage then book an array of spa and massages for her for good few hours. Gift her a spa certificate for her favorite place. If she likes to work out, plan a quick trek along with other family members. Or probably, a day pass at any fancy gym. Leave room for changes so that she can modify as per her needs.

Cook a meal

Cook her favorite delicious meal and set the entire table yourself. Light some candles, bring out the good China and clean up the kitchen afterwards. She will definitely appreciate a nice meal with you or entire family where she is the one who is being served.

Plan a dinner at a fancy restaurant

Is there a restaurant where she is dying to go but has been unable to due to some reasons. Book a private table and surprise her by picking her up and driving to her the restaurant. She will be pleasantly surprised when you would pull up at the restaurant.

Help her with the house work

Help your mom with her chores this mother’s day. Do the dishes, vacuum the floor, even wash her car, shiner her shoes, or polish her silver ware. Be creative and pick the chores she is too busy for. She will be not only be touched by your gesture of helping but also will point out that you have been paying attention to her.

Sign her up for a class

Is there any of her hobby which she is not able to dedicate time to? Like singing, dancing, pottery, etc. If there is, then enroll her in one of these classes at a good location and she will definitely appreciate her doing so. Just make sure that the timing and location fit into her routine and she doesn’t have to juggle other things to attend the class.

Buy her a thoughtful gift

Buying a gift for your mother can be a little tricky. You dont want to present her with something very basic and simple but also dont want to go overboard to the point of breaking your bank. Gifts which would be most likely be appreciated would be something of the like of jewelry, clothing, personal gym equipment, etc.

Custom Fortune Cookie

Cracking open a fortune cookie and seeing your fortune is a fun thing to do at a Chinese Restaurant. But what if we say, you can customize the fortune and make it come true. Just imagine your mom reading the fortune and the next second, it comes true. It would be an unforgettable moment.

Fun Surprise Ideas for Your Mother

Create a Music Playlist

Put together your mom’s favorite songs, the songs which remind you of your childhood and which you played or danced together as a family, songs which remind you of her, the songs which describe her the best and create a CD or a playlist for her iPod and gift it to her. It will serve as the perfect stress buster for her for those days when is not feeling her best or simply missing you. She would definitely appreciate your effort of putting it altogether for her.

Cook up breakfast for her

I am not talking about a simple bed-n-breakfast. Not only cook her favorite breakfast items but also write “I love you mom” on pancakes, put up a little smiley on an English muffin, and write a short and sweet message on a toast.

Create a webpage dedicated to her

If you have the skill or can get it made from a professional, create a small website containing her favorite photographs, add her favorite music, write small messages saying how much she means to you. So whenever she is feeling a little low, she can visit the website and feel the love around herself.

Buy her favorite flowers

Flowers are a perfect way of saying how much the other person means to the giver. You can even buy her plants which she can keep in her yard. The flowers will remind her everyday how much she is appreciated for whatever she has done for you.

Help her decorate her home

Women love to decorate her home. She might be needing new furniture, or renovate the backyard, or start a new herb garden. Help her with any of those. You can even get new curtains for the window.

Bake her some homemade goodies

If you are a good cook, bake some brownies, muffins, cookies, etc. Put an icing of her initials on few or all of the items dedicating all of those to her.

Treat her with a Show

Does she like plays, or movies? If yes, treat her with an awesome play by her favorite theater group, or a movie of her favorite actor/actress, or even a concert of her favorite singer or band. Book the tickets in advance so that your surprise doesn’t get ruined. Don’t forget to take all the loved ones with you two.

Present her cute coupons

There are many sites where you can download cute printable coupons. Write sweet messages on them which can be redeemed whenever she wants. For example, homemade dinner, clean house, a vacation, etc.

Make her ‘Queen of the day”

The idea is pretty simple. For 24 hours, she is the queen of the house. You need to do whatever she says. Get her a fancy gown or even a crown to make it extra special. She will decide how the day should be celebrated.

Play tourist in your own town

Start with showing up at her doorstep with her favorite food. Have a relaxed brunch and then drive around the places where you used to most frequently visited during childhood. Reminiscing and build new memories.

Unique Surprise Ideas for Your Mother

Organize a game night

Remember those snowy days when we would spend hours playing board games? Yes. Mothers cherish those memories where all family sat together with hot cocoa in their hands and played their favorite board games. How nice it would be if your mom could relive those memories. It would be a perfect mother’s day for her.

Help carry the family traditions

Mothers would love to see you making the effort of carrying the famous family traditions forward. Learn family recipes like spaghetti, meat loaf, pasta, etc. Pay attention to the minutest details.

Run a movie marathon

Which are your mom’s favorite movies? Rent them or watch them on Netflix and spend quality time together with popcorn, or chips and guacamole. It would not cost a bundle but the quality time spent together will be priceless.

A Karaoke Contest

How awesome it would be to do a family sing along? Put on her favorite songs and dance and sing the day away. Shake a leg, laugh endlessly and giggle till your belly ache. It would be an unforgettable day for your mother.

Set up a Skype Date

If you live far away from your mother and travelling the distance is not an option. Get both of you on Skype and chat about for hours about anything and everything. You can also watch a new movie or jog your memory by watching a movie you used to watch as a kid.

Do a good-ole picnic in the park

Drive to the nearest park or do it in the backyard, pack your mother’s favorite lunch, a few sandwiches, a blanket and a book. Talk and eat for hours while giving your mother time of her life.

Volunteer Together

Does your mother like to help the poor? Drive her to the nearest charity and spend the afternoon with her helping the needy. Then grab early dinner with her putting a relaxing end to a fabulous mother’s day.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Hide small clues around your neighborhood that remind your mother of good and happy memories. Also, keep a small present with every clue like a picture, or a flower. Make the last clue leading to the grand finale of the mother’s day celebration.

Organize a Tea Party with Her Friends

If you have the budget, fly her friends in or you can even invite her local friends ensuring she doesn’t find out about it. Let her live a happy afternoon with her friends while you serve her and her friends with bakes goods or even lunch.

Bake a Cake

If you are a good baker, bake her a cake of your mother’s favorite flavor. Dedicate a short and sweet message for her on the cake with icing. Let her cut the cake and enjoy it with tea or coffee.

Get a little crafty

If you are good at art and craft, make something she can proudly hang in her bedroom or in her kitchen and admire it everyday. Pinterest is loaded with awesome ideas for good design and they even have detailed tutorials for the same.

Last but not the least

Give her a well deserved break

Make no mistake, she needs it. Maybe, she wanted to just take a break for a day and be with herself. Being a mother is a very tedious and demanding job. She might not have had any time to herself. Making her wish come true and making sure she is on break might be the best gift you could ever give.

Whatever gift you choose, make sure you are giving it to the person who has always put your needs ahead of her. So above all, please ensure that you acknowledge her every sacrifice she has done for you.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lingerie for Her

This does not have to be a difficult endeavor at all, and choosing the right lingerie can mean the world for the future of your relationship. Show her that you find her attractive and that you value her style and opinions by selecting the perfect piece of lingerie the first time.

Choosing the Right Lingerie

Tip 1 – Keep in mind during every second that you spend online or in the lingerie store that you are shopping for her. Though lingerie is as much for you as it is for her in some circumstances, if you want your gift to stand out as a true testament to your love, you absolutely must make sure that you are purchasing for her, and not to satisfy a fantasy of your own.


Tip 2 – Even more important than knowing her style and taste, it is vital that you know a thing or two about her body when you buy her lingerie. If you are buying her a bra, a camisole or something that is meant to fit right around her bust, then you absolutely must know her bust size. And please understand that this is more than just her cup size – You need to know how she feels most comfortable if you want to impress her. Proper fit is an important aspect of finding the right piece of lingerie for someone you love, so discretely figure out what she likes to wear and buy accordingly.


Tip 3 – Do not be afraid to touch each piece of lingerie that you are considering. Touch the inside of each piece of lingerie and consider how it will feel on her body when she is wearing it. Comfort is more than just about fit, and also has to do with how different materials feel against her skin. Her new lingerie should make her feel comfortable and sexy which means that it should be smooth, soft and silky both inside and out.

Finding Your True Bra Size

Tip 4 – Know what it means to purchase cheap lingerie. Cheap lingerie absolutely does not have to be poor quality. Instead, you could find yourself netting a nice deal on some high quality clothing, which means you will have extra cash left over for flowers, or more lingerie for that matter. Cheap lingerie comes in all shapes, sizes and quality levels – You simply need to make sure that you are buying high quality pieces at good prices, rather than low quality pieces at expected prices. Price usually goes up when trademarks and expensive labels are involved – And the label does not have to be everything when the lingerie is gorgeous.


Tip 5 – Do not be afraid to get her friends involved if you need assistance. They probably know a thing or two about her that you have not thought of, and will more than likely enjoy taking part in helping you treat their friend to a generous gift. A woman’s touch may be exactly what you need to select the perfect piece of lingerie for your special lady.

5 Simple Steps to Finding Your True Bra Size

There are a few things in life which confuse women, and among these few items definitely lies the mysterious bra size.

Bra Size

The bra size is one measurement which many women get wrong, and which in turn causes some style disasters. Wearing a bra in the wrong size is often the cause of dresses and top not looking good, irritated and squashed breasts, and many other unpleasant circumstances which no woman wants to experience.

Often, the cause for women wearing the wrong bra size is simple. They do not know what it is, because quite simply they do not know how to find out what it is. Some of us feel comfortable with going to a lingerie store and getting a ‘professional’ to give us a bra fitting to help discover the correct bra size, but many other are not. So here I present to you a quick and easy, step by step guide to a personal and private bra fitting.

Follow these 5 simple and easy steps should help you find out your correct bra size in no time!

Finding Your True Bra Size

Items you will need:

  1. An essential item that you will need, is obviously a tape measure.
  2. A mirror, this will come in very hand to ensure you are doing things the right way, so make sure you are standing in front of a mirror.
  3. Pen and paper, it is good to keep this at hand, unless you have a really good memory! I always like to have a pen and paper at hand to ensure things are recorded down, and calculated the right way.


Step 1

The first thing we need to do is measure underneath the breasts in order to find out the band size. Whilst standing in front of your mirror, with the measuring tape at hand, start at your cleavage and pass the measuring tape behind your back and around to your front. This measurement is your band size, so jot it down on the paper: Band size = X inches.


Step 2

Now we need to discover the good old cup size. Three essentials steps are involved in finding this out. Firstly, you will need to move the measuring tape up to your armpits and measure above your breasts. Write this number down on the paper: Above breast level = X inches.


Step 3

Secondly, we will need to measure the breast at nipple level, so move the measuring tape further down to do so. Jot down this new number on the paper as well: Nipple level = X inches.


Step 4

Now the final step in finding out your cup size involved subtracting the ‘above breast level’ measurement from the ‘nipple level’ measurement, and there you have it! The result is your cup size. Follow the guide below to find out what your cup size is, according to the difference in measurement between ‘above breast level’ and ‘nipple level’. So let’s say the difference is 4 inches, your cup size would be a C.

Your True Bra Size


* 0 to 1/2″ AA cup

* 1/2″ to 1″ A cup

* 1″ to 2 1/2″ B cup

* 2 1/2″ to 3 1/2″ C cup

* 3 1/2″ to 4 1/2″ D cup

* 4 1/2″ to 6″ DD (or E cup for some bras)

* 6″ to 7″ DDD (or F cup for some bras)

* 7″ to 8″ G cup

* 8″ to 9″ GG cup

* 9″ to 10″ H cup

* 10″ to 11″ HH cup

* 11″ to 12″ J cup

* 12″ to 13″ JJ cup


Step 5

Get your band size, which is the measurement you found out when you first started your own private fitting, and your recently discovered cup size and couple them up together. Viola! There you have it, you official and accurate bra size. For example, if your band size was 38 inches, and your cup size was a C, your bra size would be a 38C.


Knowing your true and accurate bra size is the key in finding lingerie and intimate wear which feels comfortable, give you all the support you need, and makes your clothes look flattering on your figure.

Designer Jewelry Care – Step by Step Guide

designer jewelry care

Designer Jewelry Care

If you’re the proud owner of beautiful pieces of jewelry, it’s likely that you want them to last you as long as possible. Learning how to properly care for your designer jewelry will ensure that it stays beautiful for many years. The following tips will help you to clean, store and wear your jewelry in a way that will keep it maintained and safe at all times.

Make Sure You Clean Your Jewelry Properly and Regularly

designer jewelry care tips

There is no need to buy expensive jewelry cleaner to keep them shiny and new. You can keep your jewelry squeaky clean by soaking them for just a few minutes in warm water and a drop of soap, or even dish detergent. Once they are done soaking, rinse them off and pat them dry with a soft towel. This shouldn’t be a difficult or time-consuming process if you clean your jewelry often.

Don’t fall for old wives tales. Many people will tell you that some of the best ways to keep your jewelry clean is to use toothpaste or other polishing products. These types of products can actually damage your jewelry. They contain abrasive materials in them that allow them to shine surfaces, however they will scratch your jewelry at the same time.

Always Store Your Jewelry in a Safe Place

If you have fine jewelry in your possession, you should invest in a high-quality functional jewelry box that provides proper storage. Gems should be kept separate so that they do not rub against each other causing scratching while being stored. To keep your gems away from the other gems, your jewelry box should have several compartments to put the various pieces in. It should be lined with a soft material that won’t scratch or chip your jewels. You don’t need to buy the most expensive jewelry box for it to be functional. Many of the less expensive boxes work just as well.

Be Careful When Wearing Jewelry

tips of designer jewelry care

While it’s important to let your jewelry shine by wearing it with all of your favorite outfits, it is equally important to understand when you should leave the jewelry at home. For example, if you’re spending the day swimming it is best not to bring your jewelry with you. It may fall off in the water, or you might misplace it after taking it off to swim.

Many people forget to take their jewelry off at night before they go to bed, but this is one of the most common ways to damage your jewels. Your gems may rub against the sheets, or against each other, causing them to become scratched. Once you get in the habit of taking all of your jewelry off before you get in bed, it becomes a routine that you’ll never forget.

After purchasing your jewelry from a popular store such as dazzleusa it is important to follow the above steps to keep your jewelry protected. Jewelry is built to last a long time with proper care and maintenance. These are just some small changes you can make to ensure your favorite pieces stay beautiful for many years to come.

California Winter | My Winter Outfit Secrets!

california winter

Most of my life I lived in California. I had no idea what it meant when people said, “The weather is so beautiful here!” I always just rolled my eyes and said, “Okaaaayy.”

It wasn’t until living in New York where it’s hardly ever “perfect.” The freezing winters the smoldering summers, the hurricanes. When I took my first breath off the airplane, I knew it was perfect here.

That said, I do miss the winter bundling. Not that I ever want to be cold again, but you know the beautiful wool coats, the leather boots, the cashmere sweaters. The hats and gloves. I just loved all that. I just did not love NEEDING to wear it. Anyway, so after a rainy few weeks, the sun came out and while it’s December, it could very well be April or May outside. So I dress up my blazer over my t-shirt with a wool scarf. It’s a nod to winter, even if it is a California winter.

Also.. in other unrelated news. I LOVE HIGH WAISTED JEANS. That’s all I wear now. In fact, yesterday I wore a pair of mid-rise jeans and they damn near felt like they were going to fall off, even though they were also giving me muffin top. High waisted jeans give me a better shape than the most brutal pair of Spanx, and they’re 10 times more comfortable.I got this pair of jeans at Sandro, and my god, worth every penny.