The 5 Must Have for Men

The 5 Must Have for Men

If you’re planning on hitting that high paying job or landing that huge commission check, keep your odds high by prepping yourself with these 5 items.

Shoes they can remember you by

When sitting down with a client, your shoes can tell a lot about who you are. My recommendations are a nice classic business shoe by Johnston & Murphy. Black and shiny should be the key. Make sure you show them off as well. Letting you clients know that you keep that much detail on your shoes can only multiply when thinking about how you will handle their account. Don’t let dust and scuffs de-rail the big deal.

A watch that rings a name

Sure everyone wants a Rolex… but not everyone can afford one. Make sure your sporting a timepiece that says something about you. Walking in with a retro-1980 Casio isn’t yelling heavy hitter. Your clients like to be impressed with your style and products, let them know you don’t play around. The watch arena can bring on great discussions in a meeting that could potentially help close a big one. What is the watch of choice, go with the Breathings or Corms? Throw your clients for a loop, they won’t know what it is, but they’ll check the internet when you leave.

Man that shirt fits nice

Everyone has gone to a department store to buy a dress shirt from time to time. We all know the routine, 16.5 neck, 32/33 length arms, right? Not here Sally… Man up, spend a few bucks and get a tailor to make you a shirt. Your body does not consist of just a neck and arms does it? So why buy a shirt that only uses those measurements. Buying custom fitted shirts by a tailor such as Tom James can give you the difference between a $100 look or a $1,000 look. Yea you might spend a few more bucks, but the shirt fits like no other and it looks just like you wanted. No more parachutes hanging out the sides of your pants. Get a nice shirt, I promise it will get addicting.

Are those cufflinks

If you are preparing for that big hitting appointment, dress to the “9′s” darnit. Cufflinks are a must when going to see the boss. Let them know you’re ready for what they have to bring. Cufflinks show a style of class, separating you from the normal one button sleeve “jo-shmoe”. Make sure they are not too flashy; you don’t want to “Bling” your client to death. A small and strong shine will let them know that you mean business and want that deal.

Here come the men in black

Suit… The last but final ingredient in a successful businessman is a strong, shiny black suit. Do not go cheap here. Spend that extra dollar for the suit. That suit is your first impression. They’re not looking at your face, hands or hair, they are staring directly at your suit. If you walk into that office in a $2,500 custom black suit, the client that you are working with will know that is an expensive suit. So what you may say… Well, if he knows you are spending that much money to look good for him, you’re sending the right vibes. Clients want to know that you are a clean guy who wants to look good. They like to know that the money that you are making off of them is going to the right places. Show off that suit and let them know that the suit is for closers. Heck, it may just do the closing for you.

All of these ingredients are key for a businessman to be successful in all areas. Not only is it important to have the right stuff, you need to look the right way as well. In our next blog addition, we will discuss the mens skin care side of ingredients. Sure you look good, but do you look great? And remember, when you feel good, you are good.

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