To Tone or Not to Tone

To Tone or Not to Tone… That is the Question!

No crazy, I’m not talking about working out and getting tone, I’m talking about that one thing most guys don’t use… Toner! As one of the most important steps in the grooming regimen, using a light toner everyday can and will help rid you of some of those embarrassing issues!

​Let’s talk about “What is a Toner?” first… A good toner helps you get rid of any EXCESS oil or dirt that your wash or cleanser may not get. Now, when I say “excess”, I mean that in terms like “left overs” at a dinner table. Think about it like this, when you shave, your ripping skin off the surface of your face. Your eliminating the first line of defense. If your skin isn’t squeaky clean, you might get a little something showing up within the next few hours. Using a toner will make sure that the new skin showing up is as clean and smooth as a baby’s bottom. This will help rid the chances of small bumps or irritations showing up if done correctly.

​So when should you use a toner? I recommend using a toner after you shave or before you go to bed. Now I know there are some mixed feelings… “I thought I was supposed to use an after shave when I’m done shaving…” Well of course you are, but do you want to put an after shave on dirty skin or unprotected skin? Absolutely not! Use the toner when you’re done shaving, wait for it to cool off and dry, then apply your after shave. This will lock in the cleanliness and keep you skin looking smooth and clean throughout the day.

How To Tone

​Toners also have many other uses as well. People with problem skin tend to use toner with salicylic acid so it can help clean up problem areas on their skin. Others use toner to help minimize the size of their pores. No matter which way you spin the bottle, it helps you skin become cleaner than before.

​Some really great toners that I recommend giving a go at is the Sharps Barber and Shop Skin Tuner, this goes for $16.99 and will last quite some time. Its great by not drying out the skin, leaving with a nice cool feeling when you’re done using it. Another is the Jack Black Clear Complexion Solution which goes for $24.99. Yea, I know it’s expensive for a skin toner, but if you know the name Jack Black and men’s skin care, you know you’re getting a great quality product for the price. Either one will do… I just wanted to get you thinking.

​So what have we learned? Using a toner does have positive effects on guy’s skin and does help with our complexion and smoothness. Men’s skin care is slowly evolving… just make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

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