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Why a Great Shave is More Than Just a Great Shave

Men's shaving

​We here at The Metroman are all about shaving. We offer lots of tips and tricks to our loyal customers on how to get the best shave with little or no irritation. But getting a great close shave isn’t just about the actual shave itself, it’s about what that great shave provides you every day.

​A great shave is one of the most important factors in how people view you and how they form an opinion on what kind of guy you are. If you are like me, you probably meet at least one new person a day. So every day at least one person is going to make an assumption about what kind of guy you are based on your appearance, demeanor and personality. Now we can’t help you with your personality or demeanor, but we can definitely help you with your shave.

​When your face looks perfectly shaved and have no redness or ingrown hairs, you are telling the world that you are on top of your game and that you aren’t a lazy slob. It may sound a little vain to think that people will make their first impression of you based on your appearance, but you and I both know that a person’s appearance plays a huge factor in your opinion of them. A guy that comes to a business meeting with a scruffy looking face and razor burn all over his face is definitely going to be held in a lower regard than a man who shows up looking well-groomed and clean shaven.

​Here are a few assumptions people may make when meeting someone who hasn’t shaved or has shaved poorly.

Men's shaving
  • Poor time management – Didn’t wake up on time and had to rush his morning routine.
  • Lazy – If he is too lazy to present himself well and shave properly how motivated can he be in other aspects of his life
  • Simply doesn’t care – If he doesn’t care about his appearance, what does he care about?
  • New to the business world – Most successful business men know the importance of appearance. Presentation is half the product. So many people will think you are a rookie and not a seasoned professional.

​Here a few assumptions that most people will make when they meet a man who is perfectly groomed and looking sharp.

  • A go getter – He woke up with plenty of time to make sure he looks his best.
  • Motivated go getter – This guy looks sharp; He obviously is motivated at whatever he does.
  • Cares about how he presents himself to the world – This man takes time to present himself well and cares about how he presents himself, he must be passionate about what he does and do it well.
  • A seasoned Professional – This guy is on his A game, I want to work with a top notch guy, not a rookie.

​Obviously not everyone thinks exactly like this consciously. They might not even realize that they are making some of these assumptions, but they are. We live in a culture where appearance is very important in a aspects of our life. From the boardroom to the dating scene, how you look and present yourself has an outcome on your success. The first step to looking your best every day is to present the world with a close shave and no irritation or razor burn. So present yourself properly to the world and good things will happen. Use people’s subliminal thought processes to your advantage.

​Don’t just shave, Shave Properly and with the products that give you superb results day after day!

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